Starlight City Girl
Starlight City Girl
welcome; Time for this little girl to follow the lights to the city...
Can we just talk about Ben Schwartz, please?

He’s funny, smart, cute… Seriously, he makes me blush just looking at him! I can’t get over him! I want to believe he’s just as nerdy as me but I don’t know him that well.

There’s multiple kinds of nerdy in my book. My nerdy stuff is Disney, tumblr, Pokémon, etc.

I don’t know his yet but I’d love to just have a conversation with him! I feel like we could just talk for hours and hours…

Ben Schwartz is the hottest guy on the planet.

Oh, you like them talk? Then kneel.



RIP, angel<3


Tomorrow the Trailer Arrives! #FiftyShades

Huh. That didn’t take very long to film.

1. Frankenweenie (2012)2. Corpse Bride (2005)3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) 

Sweet mother…