Starlight City Girl
Starlight City Girl
welcome; Time for this little girl to follow the lights to the city...

Anonymousasked: You know what's strange about the Girl Meets World "cultural appropriation" thing? In an episode of fellow Disney show Gravity Falls, one of the characters is seen wearing traditional children's clothing for Native Americans... as a result of being trapped in a Wild West pinball game. Nobody complained about it.


I saw that GIF set and out of context of the entire episode. And what I saw was a grown man, a teacher even, shaming a girl, just by looks I’m gonna go for 13-16 years old, for her clothing choices in front if the entire class. She looked to the verge of tears. But “ooooh she got served. Cultural appropriation blah blah”

She was being shamed because she thought the way they dressed was geeky. She was basically saying that Harajuku girls were geeks.


Katie and I are just fangirling about how perfect Girl Meets World is.

Pssh no big deal

Tell Katie she has a cool name(;

Imagine Robin Williams going into the crematory…
Robin:*sits up* WAIT IM NOT DEAD! Haha! No, I'm kidding. Yes, I am. LIGHT ME UP, JOHNNY! *lays back down*
Way to earn your red wings, Joker!!!

Isn’t weird that you can’t really fly in dreams? You just kinda float in the air and glide until you lose concentration like Spyro…



ive been saying ill get off the computer in a sec for the last 10 years