Starlight City Girl
Starlight City Girl
welcome; Time for this little girl to follow the lights to the city...

My babies ❤️💋#outlawqueen #onceuponatime #robinhood #reginamills #evilqueen #evilregal #liontattoo #secondchances

This is BY FAR my most favorite ship in a long ass time!

😭😭 💔💔 heartbroken 

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Lets be honest at this moment we were all like “YES REGINA RUN ROBIN DIDNT SEE YOU LET FROSTY KILL HER”
And then she reappears  >.>

I like that she didn’t let it. I don’t want Regina to be a villain anymore.

drawn by hfwt

Clybe doodle~
We all know who’d be the dominant one in this relationship

ok so idk I imagine when Bebe and Clyde hook up in the future Bebe would feel really bad about making Clyde buy her shoes so she’d prbly spend an entire paycheque buying him things to make it up to him even though he wasn’t really angry over it in the first place ya feel

"Does my hair look better up or down?""I like whichever one doesn’t require me having to help you with it."Morning routines. u vu; And thank-you for 600+ followers!! I’ve recieved a lot of sweet words on my portrayal of Bebe and it means a lot like woah? I want to draw her more often now haha I really love her so much ; u;