Starlight City Girl
Starlight City Girl
welcome; Time for this little girl to follow the lights to the city...

Mythical creatures: Disney characters with both their parents.

Remember when ‘sorry’ use to mean you wouldn’t do it again???

Hot tea + Blade Runner + A bag of chips for dinner + No parents = My Friday night.. :/

Bates Motel Plunge Reaction

Emma nearly drowning

Norman freaking out on cody

Norman freaking out Gunner

Emma and Norman getting close again…

Norma getting on the council…

Norman killing codys dad

At least he did it to save her… I dont like Cody but she doesnt deserve to be beaten. And anyway, it shouldnt be this surprising every time norman kills someone. I mean, IT’S NORMAN BATES. What do you expect?

How the show makes the pot “industry” look

How the pot “industry” really is…

The show gives it “druglords” and calls it an “industry” when really its just teenagers growing hash in their closets most of the time. They take it way too far… But whatever. Hollywood exaggeration I suppose…

I don’t want you to suffer. I’ll look as if I’m dead, but it won’t be true. It’s just that it’s too far to carry this body with me. You understand, don’t you? This part of me will be like an old, abandoned shell. There’s nothing sad about old shells, is there? The Little Prince

You know it’s funny, of the two and a half years I’ve had this account I’ve only just now hit 2,000 posts in all…

Bates Motel The Escape Artist Reaction





……………..norman and cody -_-