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Starlight City Girl
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Im going to marry a guy named Jessie and then I shall be Jessie’s girl. I’m going to have four kids. The first shall be named Stacy. I shall be Stacy’s mom and I will have it going on. My first son shall be named Luke and then my husband can say “Luke I am your father.” My second daughter shall be named Narnia and whenever I get something for her I shall proclaim “For Narnia!” And my last son will be named Sparta. Thus whenever I introduce him I will announce “THIS IS SPARTA.”


Sean, (adolescent Leonidas), “this is bullshit!”
"Leo, yo wife’s a ho."

 50 Worst Comedy Movies

^Speak for yourself.
Sean Maguire


I completely forgot that Sean Maguire was in meet the Spartans and now every time I see Robin Hood I see this:


Tippy Toesanimated gif
Started as a random pencil doodle at the office, turned illustration, turned GIF.
Once Upon a Time S4xE3 Reaction/Review

Emma and Hook’s date

Hook threatening Rumple

You do NOT threaten Rumpelstiltskin! Especially when it comes to Belle! That’s such a dangerous move! Besides, why’d you have to threaten him in the first place? He might have given it to you out of kindness. He has-for the most part-changed!

The Snow Queen

Seriously! Your plot is taking forever! So far, all you’re doing is annoying people!

Rumple turning the Apprentice into a mouse

So does that make that guy Mickey Mouse in Storybrooke??

Maybe. Whatever.

Rumple sending him into oblivion

I mean, you already got the hat?

Operation Mongoose

Not too sure about this plan… If it works in Regina’s favor, Henry could sever any chance of a relationship with Rumple. If it doesn’t work… Well, to be honest, I think it’s a silly idea to begin with. Hook got a happy ending and he was a villain. I don’t think the book has anything to do with the outcome. Still, I am curious to know who wrote it…

Meh..more or less…


Also, quick clarification, I DO NOT want Marian to die! She’s a good person and truth be told, I feel more sorry for her. Her own husband doesn’t love her, she feels she is in competition with her own son, AND her husband is in love with the woman that alternatively killed her!

-Outside the fairytale realm, dating the person who killed your wife is unforgivable-no matter how much they’ve changed.

BUT in the spirit of make-believe, I ship OutlawQueen 100%


niall leading his princess


I hate those little bitches who act like larry is like so wonderful and the best couple ever but when people talk about ziam, ziall or narry “wtf stop dreaming are you mental or what”

How about shut the hell up, yeah?

Seriously, can’t we all just get along? Who cares who anyone else ships? It doesn’t change anything.